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Have you ever seen those amazing movies which you have to watch using red-blue glasses whose characters seem to go towards you? Now you can create the same effect in your photos.

Turn your jpeg photos into 3D images or use your digital camera to take actual 3D photos!

This program can create true 3D pictures and even make pseudo 3D images from your existing photos.

Maybe you are thinking that it is going to be really difficult, but the program comes with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create true stereo images and how to convert existing photos into pseudo 3D in one step.

Now you can publish 3D pictures on web pages. Create invitations, postcards, promotional material for your business. the world of digital 3D photos can get on you thanks to this lite and amazing program.

A digital 3D photo really jumps off the page! You have to see it to believe it

Of course, if you want to see them as 3D images you will need red-blue glasses.


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